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Site & Project Updates (Recent first); Email ~

  • Open invitation to zoo biology, animal science peers for contributions.  TZP is looking to provide a platform for enthusiasts and professionals to contribute articles, industry reviews, and any other zoological media.  A great opportunity to practice article writing, build confidence and continue writing about your passioned interests.
  • Insect pinning guides for beginners – looking for experienced persons to write and document an original piece for promoting science hobbies aimed at a younger generation.
  • For those who have emailed us and wish to see this project begin, – work is being developed as we speak! We have plans to dedicate TZP a full website and forum with some interesting innovation in terms of how news, education and entertainment is delivered and used. With Smart Phones, video and social media, we need to innovate and utilize tools in ways which can provide a better user experience (Not forgetting some old fashioned community interaction), something we believe is more vital than today ever! We hope to be posting regular content once we have the best foundations for developing TZP and its future growth, along with a dedicated, professional team, peer contributions and community user base.



Looking for…

  • Android App developers — contact me if you would be interested in making a newsletter feed app for TZP (Tech students most welcome for a collaborative open-source partnership)
  • A personal review account of your experiences at an Animal/land-based college or university (for perspective students to gain valuable insights)
  • Industry campaigners and community outreach project managers for promotion on the site with a profile post.


Examples of coming articles and reports

1) Zoology – An introduction to the common themes of animal biology and diversity and general history;

2) Slow Worms of Britain – their ecology and localised conservation report;

3) Development and genetic diversity of marine invertebrates; temperate fresh water population dynamics;

4) An open report on the state of education and design in the animal sciences; (Great for those wishing to study animal sciences, at undergraduate college or university)

5) Current zoo-related conferences coverage for many IUCN Appendix 1 Species of Birds, Reptiles, Mammals, and others, with on-going coverage summaries;

6) Zooarchaeology – a Zooarchaeology students’ perspective (By David Mannear, B.Sc);

7) Articles, news and reviews reports from around the world via our own in-house team;

8 ) Organisations overviews and their work within the biological conservation and zoos and aquaria sectors (With comments from an EAZA representative and Cambodian conservation project leader);

9) Ungulate ecology in European forest; flora population biotics, support and interaction; (with a free to use Powerpoint presentation);

10) Hornbill breeding ecology literature reviews (with extended notes on aspects of Seed dispersal and tree population dynamics);

11) British and European charity project leader interviews; for animal-related rescue and re-homing concerns and organisation viability;

The world of animal sciences and zoology is massively varied and amazingly exiting science when we see how animals and plant life has shaped the planet we see today.   The Zoology Project aims to create interesting and wide-ranging articles and news on subjects relating to all aspects of animal sciences and zoology.  We look forwards to including discussions on zoology and animal diversity, zoos and aquaria, ecology, conservation, animal science education and careers, ethics, legislation and other surrounding organisations associated within the animal sciences and industry sectors.

The Blog Roll (See the Home page!) is an amazing resource that aims to provide resources and support for your  own interests and research.  As the site grows, so will the Blog Roll!  Here, there will be links to all the major organisations that work in the fields related to animal sciences and zoology  – yet also be a place to provide  awareness of animal related charities, education providers, careers development and research opportunities that you may find very useful!!  Please take a look! We will update it regularly.  To make the section more relevant, there is a jobs and careers section, which has links to current job posts from around the web, including volunteer providers.


There are no advertisements on this site, it exists solely to share knowledge freely, in the universal understanding that as a people, we take pride in our care for animals, and the environment – and wish to share such knowledge with anyone who wishes to learn without the limitations of elitist peer-review systems or restricted journal reviews. (More on this in TZP – Mission Statement)


To support this blog, you can hit the RSS feeds link that is on the site (Also in your browser bar).  You can subscribe to the home page, or choose categorised pages by simply navigating to the page and hitting the RSS feed button!  Alternatively, simply place your email in the Subscribe box, from which you will receive all new articles straight to your favourite mail inbox!  Great for reading on your iPhone or HTC!  (WordPress is a secure site, and does not share your mail with anyone! You can unsubscribe at anytime with one click).

Our plan is to have a  book and literature review section for all your animal pet keeping and zoological needs, covering as many interesting and varied subjects as possible, whilst providing reviews for those books and links on where best to buy them.  And if our members choose, we also wish to integrate a book-lend trust scheme, and an online book club for all enthusiasts to share interests freely.


The Zoology Project has one excellent feature planned.  We will be making short documentary videos, with narration – about everything from animal husbandry, zoology and animal diversity, industry ethics, zoo work, and other cool features including small featurette collections for kids!  We aim to make these both formal and informal, covering all levels  – so there will be something for everyone!  Kids features will be narrated by them too, a great learning tool :).


At The Zoology Project, discussions are something we hope you would like to participate in!  We have a YouTube and Facebook page (Still a work in progress!) – so please feel free to participate, and open up debates with fellow peers.  Have an interesting article you would like others to read?  Send it to us and we will publish your work here on the site on your own page! Also, please feel free to make suggestions, or tell us how we could do things better!

We are looking for tutors in animal sciences, animal care students and zoo staff that may like to contribute small reports or essays about their work and to provide valuable insights that can only be experienced first hand.   Maybe you are working at a zoo that has recently had successful breeding of a rare animal, or maybe as a tutor you have insights into career opportunities you would like to share?  Would you like to become an editor for this site? Get in touch by emailing

As the site grows, new pages, articles and other content will be added regularly.  We hope you like the idea of  the open-source platform model we are endeavouring to implement to its fullest potential, – but we can not do this alone! We hope you find The Zoology Project content engaging, stimulating and informative, and FUN!  Want to get involved?

…Until next time…

~ T Z P Staff ~ Posted by Rixxamus Hart, March 2nd, 2011. Updated April 21st 2012